Understanding k-Means Clustering

Cluster is a group of objects which have similar properties and belong to the same class.

What is Clustering?

Types of Clustering

  • Partitioning Method
  • Hierarchical Method
  • Density-based Method
  • Grid-based Method
  • Model-based Method

Partitioning Method

Hierarchical Method

  • Agglomerative Approach
  • Divisive Approach

Density-based Method

Model-based methods

Writing K-means clustering code in Python from scratch

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
df = pd.DataFrame({    
'x': [1,2,4,5],
'y': [1,1,3,4]
#select the number of clusters
#initialize the centroids
centroids = [[df.x[0],df.y[0]],[df.x[1],df.y[1]]]
def assignment(df, centroids):    
df['distance_from_1'] = (np.sqrt((df['x'] - centroids[0][0]) ** 2 + (df['y'] - centroids[0][1]) ** 2))
df['distance_from_2'] = (np.sqrt((df['x'] - centroids[1][0]) ** 2 + (df['y'] - centroids[1][1]) ** 2))
centroid_distance_cols = ['distance_from_{}'.format(i) for i in (1,2)]
df['closest'] = df.loc[:, centroid_distance_cols].idxmin(axis=1)
df['closest'] = df['closest'].map(lambda x: int(x.lstrip('distance_from_')))
df['color'] = df['closest'].map(lambda x: colmap[x])
return df
#assign different color to the cluster points
colmap = {1: 'r', 2: 'g'}
#assign the cluster to data points based on the
#distance from centroids of both clusters
df = assignment(df, centroids)
def update(centroids):    
for i in (0,k-1):
centroids[i][0] = np.mean(df[df['closest'] == (i+1)]['x'])
centroids[i][1] = np.mean(df[df['closest'] == (i+1)]['y'])
return centroids
def deepcopy(x):
w, h = 2, 2;
new_centroids = [[0 for a in range(w)] for y in range(h)]
for i in (0,1):
return x
def equals(x,y):
for i in (0,k-1):
return 0
return 1
#copy the centroids
old_centroids = deepcopy(centroids)
#find the new centroids of the clusters
centroids = update(centroids)
df = assignment(df, centroids)#keep on updating the centroid unless we get constant result
while True:
closest_centroids = deepcopy(df['closest'])
centroids = update(centroids)
df = assignment(df, centroids)
if equals(df['closest'],closest_centroids)==1:
fig = plt.figure(figsize=(5, 5))
plt.scatter(df['x'], df['y'], color=df['color'], alpha=0.5, edgecolor='k')
for i in (0,k-1):
plt.scatter(*centroids[i], color=colmap[i+1])
plt.xlim(0, 7)
plt.ylim(0, 5)

Wrapping up



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