What is Neural Network?

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  1. In RDBMS, the data is stored in database objects called tables. A table is a collection of related entries and consists of columns and rows.
  2. Every table has smaller entities called fields. A field is a column in a table that stores specific information about every entry in a particular table.
  3. A record is each individual entry that…

Important Terms





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What is a Distributed System?

Cluster is a group of objects which have similar properties and belong to the same class.

What is Clustering?

Types of Clustering

  • Partitioning Method
  • Hierarchical Method
  • Density-based Method
  • Grid-based Method
  • Model-based Method

Partitioning Method

What is Big Data?

Today I’ll be discussing what the central limit theorem (or CLT) is and why is it important for every data science enthusiast to know.

Formal Definition

Let’s go for basics first

  1. input layer of our model
  2. hidden layers of neurons
  3. output layer of model

Learning Process

What is Learning process?

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